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Cleaning Services for All Industries

Although every industry has cleaners, is your premises as clean and hygienic as it needs to be? Go and have a look – we will be here waiting to help you with innovative cleaning and sanitising ideas with implementation strategies.

Innovative Cleaning Methods to Help You

Our Cleaning Technicians are trained to provide cleaning services to a variety of industries:

Food Industry and Cold Room Cleaning

Factory Cleaning Services


Health Care / Aged Care Facilities

We work with your QA, Plant / SHE / Maintenance Managers to develop and recommend a customised cleaning program that looks at and resolves your cleaning concerns.

Not only is the removal of dirt, bacteria, mould, odour, pathogens and biofilm of prime importance, we look at ways:

  • To clean with less water and less chemical while providing a high standard of cleaning and sanitising with a benefit to your OHS compliance and sustainable waste management plan.
  • To improve indoor air quality as it has been shown that air borne bacteria, mould and other pathogens continuously contaminates surfaces including the freshly cleaned and sanitised surfaces. Don’t let poor air quality sabotage your cleaning programs; fixing the problem is affordable and not time consuming.

Scheduled Cleaning Programs

Working with your Timetable / Production Schedules, the cleaning programs are very flexible and implemented as:

  • One-off job
  • Periodical maintenance cleaning contract
  • Regular cleaning contract
  • Shutdown Maintenance Cleaning

Need assistance with cleaning and sanitising for your industry – we are here to help you.

Save $$$ on capital equipment expenditure, our Cleaning Technicians do the job for you.



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