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Biozone Ultrazone for Industrial Odour Control

BioZone UltraZone has been designed to treat larger areas or areas with higher remediation needs that are due to odours, bacteria and/or mould. Treatment of air and surfaces where there is an accumulation of organic material with high microbial activity that quickly multiples into a serious pungent odour also a spread of infection diseases.


The BioZone UltraZone model is recommended for:


  • Sewerage treatment plants


  • Industrial waste gas treatment rooms


  • Large-sized refuse rooms and garbage compacting rooms, grease traps where odour and bacteria will also remain a serious health problem if left untreated



  • Improving Cool Room and Cold Room air quality where bacterial contamination is always present if left untreated

 BioZone UltraZone for industrial odours

Operation Features

UltraZone significantly reduces the bacterial content of the air spaces and surface of the object (usually up to about 95%), and significantly reduces the odour,

UltraZone can greatly degrade the hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, volatile organic compounds and other harmful gases, with no secondary pollution and provide effective environmental solutions for that type of organization, reducing the complaints of nearby residents..


  • Dimensions (mm):  650 x 260 x 260


  • Weight 15 kgs


  • Brackets supplied for wall installations


  • Three models available containing 1, 2 or 3 UV lamps depending on air changes, temperature and level of microbial activity


  • Warranty of one year


Specifications– Area Size

Depending on the number of air changes, the amount of the microbial contamination, temperature and ventilation within the area to be treated for odour and bacterial contamination, a site assessment needs to be carried out to choose a suitable BioZone UltraZone.

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