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Commercial and Industrial Steam Cleaning Machines


Steam Cleaning Machines for Commercial and Industrial Cleaning

REA Saturno range of portable steam cleaners are suitable for light to heavy industrial / professional steam cleaning applications. 

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Commerical Cleaning Contractors - 3kW with or without integrated vacuum

Office Cleaners, Aged Care / Healthcare and Hospitality Cleaners 

Ideally suited for Light Commercial / Professional Cleaning. Tools and vacuum are included in the purchase.  Also available in a steam / detergent model (without vacuum). A good all-rounder for light / commercial cleaning.


REA Saturno Compact 3000


 REA Saturno Compact 3000 VAC


Industrial Cleaning Contractors - Light to Mid Industrial - 9kW 

REA Compact 9 - A good entry level steam cleaner for smaller or infrequent industrial cleaning jobs where a vacuum attachment is not needed.

Two functions: steam and steam/detergent.

REA 9kW Steam Cleaning Equipment

REA Compact 9

REA Super - A good entry level steam cleaner for smaller or infrequent industrial cleaning jobs where a vacuum attachment is required to contain wastewater and debris for disposal. Factory cleaning is a breeze with combinations of its six functions:  steam, detergent, vacuum and rinse.  

REA Super 9kW Steam Cleaner with vacuum


Industrial Cleaning Applications - Mid to Heavy Duty Cleaning - 18kW

The best and most versatile industrial steam cleaning machines on the market. With its 18kW of power, quickly clean and sanitise most equipment and surfaces within a factory. For frequent steam cleaning and sanitising jobs.

S18E - Two functions: steam and steam/detergent.

Special 2 - Six functions: combinations of its six functions:  steam, detergent, vacuum and rinse.      


REA 18kW Steam Cleaning Equipment

REA S18E Steam Cleaner_1 

REA Special 2 Steam Cleaner

Industrial Cleaning Applications - Heavy Duty and Continuous Cleaning

Maxi - Perfect for continuous cleaning of conveyor belts, where very dry steam is required for sanitising.  May be used with a 3-phase vacuum unit.


REA MAXI 36kW Dry Saturated Steam Generator


REA MAXI 36kW Steam Cleaner_2

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REA Steam Cleaning Tools


Choosing the correct steam cleaning machines are vital to achieve the desired cleaning and sanitising results. 

Allow us to assess your cleaning needs so that the appropriate steam cleaning machine is used. As our Cleaning Technicians use this equipment, we can assist with the correct usage of your machine and the numerous uses and cleaning benefits of your machine. 

Not able to purchase a steam machine but have industrial cleaning work to do - No Problem.

Due to capital expenditure constraints, we understand that purchasing equipment may not be possible.  Anyway for efficiency and safety reasons, some industrial cleaning jobs are best left to the professionals.

Ask us about our Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Services:


Our cleaning services are very flexible and the Cleaning Technicians can be engaged for: 

  • One-off job;
  • Periodical / shut down maintenance cleaning jobs;
  • Regular cleaning contract.


Our trained Cleaning Technicians are licensed to do a variety of industrial jobs all carried out in compliance with your OH&S guidelines.  All equipment will be supplied and the jobs scheduled to work in with your Production Schedules. 





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