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Tools and Accessories for Steam Machines and Vacuums

Three phase Industrial Steam Cleaning Machines

STANDARD SET OF TOOLS for REA steam equipment with and without vacuum attachment.

For all REA steam cleaning machines: 

REA 9kW Steam Cleaning Equipment

REA 18kW Steam Cleaning Equipment

REA MAXI 36kW Dry Saturated Steam Generator


All tools are sold separately.    

Handle / Hoses

  • Heavy duty steam hose or Heavy duty light weight hose 
  • Handle / hose with integrated program selector switch for ease of use by the operator
  • Cleaning tools and brushes are attached to the handle / hose                                                                     

 The standard handle / hose is included with the purchase of the steam cleaning machines and can also be purchased separately. 


REA Standard Hose HoseREA Light Weight Handle Hose


 Types of Handle Hoses for REA Steam Machines


Digital Steam Functions

All functions are selected from the Control Handle

For Models: Super, Special 2 and Maxi.   

0. Steam generator on hold

1. Steam only

2. Steam and detergent

3. Steam and Water (to rinse)

4. Steam, detergent and vacuum

5. Steam and vacuum

6. Vacuum only


Analogue Steam Functions

All functions are selected from the Control Handle

For Models: Compact 9 and S18E

0. Steam generator on hold 

1. Steam only 

2. Steam and detergent



Suitable for universal application for cleaning and sanitising areas that are difficult to reach. The nozzle is fan shaped for quicker sanitising action and positioned as close as possible to areas for cleaning in order to achieve optimum steam sanitising result

Part No:        202/VD/EP – 78cms in length

REA Long Lance


A variety of brushes can be attached quickly onto the brush holder to assist removal of large deposits of debris.

Brushes with nylon or stainless steel bristles are available according to surface being cleaned and sanitised (see Industrial Brushes).

Part No:          203/VD

 REA Brush Holder



Cleaning and sanitising surfaces while gently using the rubber squeegee. 

Part No:           204/VD 25cms in width

                        205/VD 35cms in width

                        206/VD 45cms in width

REA Wiper Squeegee 


The short lance has a wide range of uses for cleaning smaller surfaces and objects with angular shapes. 

The lance is easy to handle and achieves perfect cleaning results.

Part No:          207/VD 10 cms

 REA Short Lance




For Super, Special 2 and Maxi

All tools are sold separately.


The suction brush is fitted with nylon bristles. In combination with steam, this achieves a very effective mechanical scrubbing effect without scratching surfaces.

The special silicon sheath around the brush makes it possible to achieve the appropriate pressure for vacuuming wastewater and debris for disposal. A necessary function for sanitising surfaces.

 Part No:           210/7/VDA      7cms in width for sanitising narrow conveyor belts

                        210/VDA         25cms in width

                        211/VDA         33cms in width

REA Suction Brush 


Fitted with a nylon or steel brush to achieve a good mechanical scrubbing effect. Suitable for cleaning all types of washable floors: Wash – clean – sanitise and dry. Wastewater is vacuumed for disposal.

 Part No:           212/VDA/25    25cms width

                        212/VDA         35cms width

                        213/VDA         70cms width

 REA Floor Brush


The vacuum equipment is fitted with a connector to integrate with the functions of the REA 9kW Super and the REA 18kW Special 2 steam cleaning machines for the extractor of wet and dry waste.

Operated from the handle / hose for ease of use and the vacuum unit is housed on top of the body of the equipment.

Motor: Single phase1200 W by-pass cooling

Suction power: 1800 mm WS

Suction volume: 140 m3 / h air

Capacity:  38 litres

Voltage: 220 V

REA single phase vacuum 057


Other single phase and 3-phase Vacuum Attachments

A variety of 15A and 3-phase vacuums are available for casual and continuous vacuuming. Tank capacity ranges from 60 to 120 litres.  Automatic tank discharge is available on some vacuums.

REA single phase vacuums

 REA 3-phase industrial vacuum


Securely attached bristles onto metal plates make the industrial brushes very robust for most industrial cleaning applications.  The brushes are quickly attached onto the handle / hose.  With the assistance of steam, the abrasive action of the brushes makes quick work of removing debris from a variety of surfaces.


Nylon bristled brushes are available for industries where stainless steel brushes are not permitted, such as the Food Manufacturing industry or a gentler abrasive action is required.  Stainless steel brushes are recommended where more abrasive cleaning is required.


Round Ø 35 mm brushes

Part No:  458 stainless steel bristles

Part No:  459 nylon bristles

 REA stainless steel 35mm brush

REA nylon 35mm brush

Rectangle 6 cms x 8 cms brushes

Part No:  3043 nylon bristles

Part No:  3044 stainless bristles

REA rectangle nylon brush 6cms x 8cms 

REA rectangle stainless steel 6cms x 8cms



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