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Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Machines

Steam cleaning machines and task designed tools are used by industries that need to ensure thoroughly degreased and sanitised equipment and surfaces.

What Industries Benefit by Steam Cleaning?

Suitable for all industries from Engineering Companies, Food Manufacturers, Hospitality to Health Care, this water efficient method of cleaning uses minimal amounts of water and, if required,  minimal chemical to remove grease and grime and to control bacteria and mould.

Why Use Steam?

The gaseous form of steam kills bacteria, excellent degreaser and chemical free sanitiser, is very low psi and poses no risk of damage to all types of machinery including electrical systems, robots, sensors, floors, walls and conveyor belt systems; all can be cleaned efficiently and ready to use immediate after cleaning. Steam can be used safely around other workers, as the steam is confined to the areas being cleaned.

Benefits of Steam

To protect the company's reputation and integrity by consistently producing and selling quality hygienic products.

The cleaning of machinery is very important, not only for consumer health and workers' safety reasons, but to identify maintenance problems, oil leaks, worn parts and wiring, before production time is lost due to a major mechanical breakdown.

To protect the environment and maximise company profits by using less water and chemical.

To protect workers, consumers and manufactured products from all forms of contamination that can occur during the processing, storing and transporting.

The three forms of contamination are:

Biological Contamination -  pathogens, bacteria, viruses, toxins and the wastes from pests are eliminated by steam cleaning.

Physical Contamination - after large solid matter is removed and disposed of correctly, steam delivered by task designed tools and wastes removed by vacuum is usually all that is required to sanitise surfaces.  This lessens the likehood of leaving physical contaminates behind from cloths, mops and other cleaning products and equipment.

Chemical Contamination - steam cleaning can sanitise, disinfect and degrease without the use of chemicals. Cleaning chemicals are only used where necessary in full consultation with your QA, WH&S, SHE personnel.  Compliance with your HACCP / Health and Safety guidelines are very important to us.  

Steam Cleaning Machines from Commercial 3kW to Heavy Duty Industrial 36kw

We are proud to be the Distributors of the REA range of steam cleaning machines.  There is a machine suitable for all types of cleaning and sanitising from the Office Cleaning Contractor to Heavy Duty Industrial Cleaner.

Follow the links to the range of steam cleaning machines:

REA Compact 3000 VAC Steam Machine - for Office, Health Care and Hospitality Cleaners

REA 9kW Steam Cleaning Equipment - for light and infrequent Industrial Cleaning

REA 18kW Steam Cleaning Equipment - for frequent Industrial Cleaning

REA MAXI 36kW Dry Saturated Steam Generator - for continous Heavy Duty Industrial Cleaning

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