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BioZone Mini PowerZone is for rapid decontamination of areas and where there are mid to high levels of microbial contamination.  Can be fixed to a wall or easily carried around when and where needed. 

The BioZone Mini PowerZone model is recommended for:

Agricultural and industrial applications

Rapid decontamination

Odour removal from fire and flood damaged properties

Mid-sized refuse rooms and garbage compacting rooms, grease traps and garbage chutes

Commercial housekeeping – rapid decontamination only

Cool Rooms and Cold Rooms (placed near the Forced Draft Cooler units) for the reduction of the build up of biofilm and mould.

BioZone Mini PowerZone for Rapid Decontamination

Operation Features

UV lamp monitor that indicates the UV lamp has reached its life expectancy of 8760 hours (1 year) of continuous operation 

Plugs into a standard 240v power socket, no filters, batteries or cartridges required 

Programmable timer in 10 minute increments 

Intended for use in unoccupied areas 

Low maintenance - a change of a UV lamp once a year when used continuously and depending on the amount of particulate matter within the room, an occasional dusting of the UV lamp.


Dimensions (mm):  531 x 132 x 102

Weight 2.7 kgs 

Power Cord Length 3.9 metres

Warranty of one year


Order Code:            MPZII

Lamp Order Code: 10-1100 (2 lamps required)


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