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BioZone AirCare for Offices, Washrooms and Staff Amenities

The BioZone AirCare equipment is a highly effective, chemical free system that minimises the growth of airborne and surface bacteria, viruses, mould and odours.


The BioZone AirCare model is recommended for:

Washrooms and Toilets Areas



Change Rooms and Locker Rooms

Small Waste Areas

BioZone AirCare Odour Control  

Operation Features

UV lamp monitor indicates the UV lamp has reached its life expectancy of 8760 hours (1 year) of continuous operation

Plugs into a standard 240v power socket, no filters, batteries or cartridges required

Low maintenance - a change of a UV lamp once a year when used continuously and depending on the amount of particulate matter within the room, an occasional dusting of the UV lamp and vents.    

Dimensions (mm):  400 x 130 x 93

Weight 1.75 kgs

Power Cord Length 2.5 metres

Warranty of one year


Specifications – Room Size

Depending on the number of air changes, the amount of the microbial contamination and ventilation within the room to be treated, assuming the ceiling height is approximately 2.5 metres, the recommended area for each model is:


AC20 7m2 to 66m2                           

AC30 16m2 to 147m2                       

Order Codes

Order Code:  AC20     Lamp Order Code: 10-08050 

Order Code:  AC30     Lamp Order Code: 10-08100 


Important Installation Information

BioZone AirCare is fixed to a wall or ceiling and is usually operated continuously.

The BioZone AirCare equipment operates most efficiently when installed close to an incoming air vent this is away from the ongoing air vent.

The airflow from the AirCare equipment should be directed towards the incoming air stream; the photoplasma is more effectively mixed with the room’s air circulation.

Installation on the ceiling is highly recommended (or as high as practical for wall mounted installations) with the optimal ceiling height of approximately 2.5 metres.

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