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Food Industry and Cold Room Cleaning Services

To maximise food safety security and the shelf life of the food products, the correct maintenance and cleaning of Food Manufacturing and Storage Facilities is very important. 

With a holistic approach to cleaning, our cleaning services can be engaged at any stage of production from paddock to plate (food grower to consumer). 

Although all Clients have regular Staff Cleaners / Cleaning Contractors, our cleaning services identify where additional assistance is needed. Our trained Cleaning Technicians provide support and knowledge to improve the hygienic standards of Food Manufacturing Facilities and Distribution Centres. 

The Importance of Hygienic Cold Room, Food Distribution and Warehouse Facilities  

Food Storage Facilities can be Pantries, Refrigerators, Cool Rooms, Cold Rooms, Walk in Freezer Rooms and Loading Docks all have a variety of specific cleaning / sanitising / mould removal / air recirculation / air quality requirements. 

By designing and implementing a cleaning program suited to Clients’ individual needs, our Cleaning Technicians address and resolve areas of concern. 

Why Use Steam and Manual Cleaning in Food Storage Facilities? 

Most Clients of Food Storage Facilities are not able to entirely remove food product to another room for a cleaning program to be carried out.  They just do not have the storage capacity.  For this reason, vast amounts of water (water blasting) or chemical cannot be used while cleaning a Food Storage Facility. 

Walk in Freezer Rooms are another example where copious amounts of water cannot be used for cleaning and sanitising surfaces because of the possibility personnel slipping over on icy floors.  Steam cleaning gently melts the ice on floors, around doors seals and other surfaces, then the vacuum attachment removes the wastewater for disposal.  This is also an ideal method of cleaning up after product spills. 

Steam cleaning fan units

Our Cleaning Technicians will use a variety of cleaning methodology to: 


  • Remove waste food product, dust and grime from walls, floors, ceiling, racking 
  • Forklift and Pedestrian barriers and bollards 
  • Truck docking stations and loading docks 
  • X-ray machines, material handling and conveyor equipment 
  • Fan Cooler Units 


 Removal of pathogens, mould and biofilm from surfaces with or without chemical.

 Benefits of Cleaning the Cold Room Fan Units

  • Increase air flow of clean air recirculating within the area
  • Maximise the efficiency and extend the life of the fan units
  • Reduce power costs
  • Compliance with OH&S and HACCP
  • Protection of Clients’ products – decreased air borne bacteria and fire risk

Scheduled Cleaning Programs

One-off cleaning:    

  • Resolving hygiene issues at anytime and prior to food safety cleaning audits; 
  • Detailed industrial cleaning as part of a shutdown maintenance program.           

Periodical cleaning: 

To assist the cleaners with their cleaning schedules, resolving those cleaning issues whereby the regular cleaning team is not able to do nor qualified to undertake some cleaning jobs.

Regular contract cleaning: 

The Cleaning Technicians work closely with QA/QC, Maintenance Managers and Plant Engineers to assist with HACCP compliance at a time to suit your production schedules.

Need assistance with your factory cleaning schedules, contact us - we are here to help you.







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