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Food Industry and Cold Room Cleaning

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Healthcare and Aged Care Services

Steam Equipment

Industrial Cleaning Services and Equipment

Steam Technology Solutions provides industrial cleaning services and products to Food Manufacturers, Engineering, Hospitality and Health Care Clients. Our primary focus is to control surface contaminates, air borne bacteria, viruses, mould, biofilm and odour.



Air and Surface Purifiers for All Industries

Overview - Control of Bacteria, Viruses, Odour and Mould

Healthcare Industry - Control of Airborne Bacteria and Viruses

Improving Indoor Air Quality

Air and Surface Purifiers

Healthcare and Office Air and Surface Purifiers

Hospitality, Washroom and Industrial Air and Surface Purifiers

Food Industry and Industrial Bacterial and Odour Control Purifiers

Industrial Cleaning Services

Overview of Industrial Cleaning

Washroom and Amenities Hygiene

Food Industry Cleaning

Factory Cleaning Services

Steam Cleaning Equipment

Overview of Industrial Steam Cleaning Equipment

Steam Cleaning Machines

Steam Cleaning Tools





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