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Cleaning and Sanitising Services for Food Manufacturers

Steam Technology Solutions Pty Ltd specialises in providing a broad range of industrial cleaning services and products to target cleaning problem areas within your manufacturing facility. 

The cleaning programs are very flexible and implemented as a:

  • One-off job;
  • Periodical maintenance cleaning contract;
  • Regular cleaning contract.

Our Cleaning Technicians enhance your regular cleaning programs with specialised cleaning services that your regular cleaning staff / cleaning contractors are either not able or qualified to do.

Our focus is to use technologically advanced equipment and techniques to remove odour, bacteria, mould and grease from machinery, HVAC, staff amenities and other areas that could cause cross contamination of machinery, manufactured and ready to eat food products.

Our Cleaning Technicians work closely with your QA, Maintenance Managers and Plant Engineers to assist with your OHS and HACCP compliance.

Why use steam?

  • Small amounts of water are used, consequently less waste to dispose
  • Small amounts of AQIS approved chemical may be used (if required)
  • Low psi pressure to protect surfaces from abrasion
  • Bacteria and solid waste materials are less likely to be dispersed into the air
  • Steam cleaning with vacuum attachment does not turn your Cold Room into an ice skating rink

Detailed cleaning of all food manufacturing equipment and areas:

  • Conveyors, frames and catch trays
  • Benches
  • Motors - heat from the motors together with the motors drawing in food particles create dangerous air borne bacteria
  • X-ray machines and other sensitive electronic equipment (cleaning with saturated dry steam only)
  • Cool Rooms and Cold Rooms
  • Loading docks and igloo shelters
  • Air Handling Units and Forced Draft Coolers (fans)
  • Walls, ceilings and floors

 Improvement of internal air quality by reducing bacteria, mould and odour from:

  • HVAC - air handling and fan (FDC) units
  • Garbage areas
  • Staff Amenities – toilets, showers, locker rooms


Understanding the tight time frames of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies , our cleaning programs are scheduled to fit with your production schedules.


Contact us for an assessment of your current program and to implement improvements to the cleaning program before your next Food Safety Audit.








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