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Washroom Deep Clean with Steam

Our goal is to create a pleasant “bathroom” experience for your staff and customers and not a memorable unavoidable experience for all the wrong reasons. This is why we developed our signature “Deep Clean with Steam” treatment that is designed to control airborne and surface bacteria, mould, viruses and other pathogens within the washroom and office environment.

We spend a lot of our time sharing a common space with others, for the sake of everyone’s health it is essential that all public and workplaces are healthy environments.

Deep Clean with Steam Treatment

Our Cleaning Technicians use the right steam cleaning equipment and tools to suit the size of the job.  The sanitising power of the steam gently and thoroughly draws out and removes the bacteria and other contaminates from fittings and fixtures within the washrooms.  Smelly toilets indicate there are airborne bacteria present and if the bacteria are inhaled and ingested, can cause respiratory infections and gastro-intestinal upsets.

Reduce absenteeism by eliminating the cross contamination of bacteria from the washrooms to the offices and other areas in your workplace.

Areas of the washroom treated

Gently and effectively remove the build up of odour-causing uric acids, bacteria, soap and chemical residue from:

  • Urinals and Pigs’ Ears – stainless steel face, step, rosette and grates
  • WC – bowl, rim, lid, seat and S bend
  • Fixtures - floors, walls including wall partitions and shower recesses
  • Doors including door of air lock area and door handles
  • Floors – grout, tiles, vinyl and concrete
  • Taps, basins and mirrors
  • Air vents and fans – an often forgotten part of the washroom
  • Seating and windowsills

If there are large deposits of uric acids on the urinals, pigs’ ears, drain pipe and surrounding floor area, a small amount of chemical may be used to break down the uric acids. After the uric acids are removed, steam is used to remove the residual chemical.

Using steam to sanitise surfaces is a low allergy method of cleaning.

How often are the washroom steam cleaned?

As all office and workplace environments are different, the Deep Clean with Steam treatments are carried out as often as required.  For instance, the grimy Engineering workshop washrooms, the greasy meat processing washrooms and the high use public toilets may need to be steam cleaned once a month. Whereas office washrooms may require steam cleaning only once every three months.  Ask us for an assessment of your washroom.

Be assured that on completion of the Deep Clean with Steam treatment, the washroom is sanitised, dry and ready for use. 

Why don’t the Cleaners steam clean the washrooms?

Office cleaning staff and contractors do not have the right steam cleaning equipment for the size of the washroom. Large industrial washrooms need large industrial steam cleaning equipment. Also, all too often, the cleaners have a very limited time to clean offices and washrooms.  Your health is jeopardised if the washrooms are given a quick “going over” with chemicals, mops and cloths full of bacteria. Even worse, the washrooms may be “hosed out” and left wet encouraging the growth of bacteria and a potential trip hazard in the damp environment.

Although the Deep Clean with Steam treatment does not replace the regular office cleaning program, the role of our Cleaning Technicians is to support the regular cleaners periodically to raise the level of hygiene by removing odour causing bacteria, uric acids, soap and chemical residues.  A periodically sanitised washroom is easier to keep clean by the regular cleaning staff and contactors.

What other ways to continuously improve the air quality and bacterial control of washrooms?

Now the washroom is sanitised, an important addition to the washroom is the installation of a BioZone Air and Surface Purifier.   

The recommended equipment to remove airborne bacteria in the washrooms is BioZone AirCare.  This equipment is highly effective, low allergy, chemical free system continuously inhibits the growth of bacteria, viruses and mould as well as lowering the harmful effects of fumes, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other airborne impurities. 

How does the BioZone AirCare equipment work?

The BioZone AirCare equipment draws in air that passes through a cleaning chamber containing a Photoplasma / UV lamp.  Freshly sanitised air is emitted continuously without creating secondary air pollution such as masking fragrance chemicals.

Instead of masking washroom odours from smelly toilets, this is the way to significantly improve the air quality of washrooms by dealing with the bacteria at its source.

BioZone AirCare rental or purchase options

You have the option to either rent or purchase the BioZone AirCare equipment.  If you have contracted our Cleaning Technicians to provide the Deep Clean with Steam treatments, the option would be to rent the BioZone AirCare equipment.  That way, the equipment is fully serviced, and the Photoplasma / UV lamps are changed after one year of continuous service as part of the Deep Clean with Steam treatments.

BioZone AirCare

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