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Sanitising Equipment


Portable Foam Sanitising Equipment for the Cleaning Industry


Three sanitising functions in one machine – FoamTec Equipment


1. The equipment generates a dense foam and is easily applied to surfaces (floors, walls and fixtures) by its lance.


No need to premix chemical – the chemical dilution is preset at approximately 4%.


Allow the foam to remain for 2 to 3 minutes on the surfaces to optimise the sanitising action.


If the surfaces are very dirty, a gentle scrub of the surface would be advisable.


2. Rinsing the surfaces at a controlled pressure avoids splashing foam and debris onto other surfaces.


3. Vacuuming waste water with its vacuuming tool – leaving the surfaces sanitised and dry - the amenities are ready for use.


FoamTec 15 – 25m2 surface in 10 minutes

FoamTec 30 – 50m2 surface in 15 minutes

FoamTec 70 – 120m2 surface in 25 minutes












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